Guidelines & Timelines

The following guidelines will help you correctly enter the CINDY Competition. Please read all instructions carefully. If you still have questions, contact us at phone (469 464-4180) or email:

All entries must be postmarked or submitted electronically by the DEADLINE designated for each event.

Here are links to the information you’ll need to enter the CINDYs. Before submitting your entry, please review each of the following steps:


READ ALL GUIDELINES. (When using the hard copy downloadable entry form) TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY. Photocopy both sides of the entry form for additional copies. It is imperative that your information is clear.

PREVIOUS CINDY WINNING ENTRIES ARE INELIGIBLE unless the latest version has been significantly updated. There is no release date limitation for program eligibility.

SELECT THE APPROPRIATE CATEGORY. It is your responsibility to select the appropriate category for each entry. Productions may be entered in more than one category but a separate entry form and fee must be submitted (see “Timeline”).

COLLATERAL MATERIALS (any packaging, brochures, workbooks, instructor’s guides, etc.) may be submitted with your program submission. Do not send these materials with your entry form unless you are located outside of the U.S.

U.S. ENTRANTS ONLY:  Do not send your program submission with the entry form and fee. After the entry form and fee are received, you will be notified where to send your submission (see “Timeline”).

ENTRANTS OUTSIDE U.S.A.:  Be sure to ship  your program submission along with the entry form and fee to our Mailing or Shipping address.

Sending in your Entry

U.S. ENTRANTS please submit the following:

Do NOT send your program submission or collateral materials with the entry form and fee. After we have received your entry form and fee, we will send instructions as to where you should ship your program and supporting materials.


  • Entry Form
  • Entry Fee
  • Completed, prepaid airbill
  • Program Submission
  • Collateral Materials (optional)
  • Proof of Student Status (if applicable)

Timelines & Notifications

Upon submission of your online Entry Form, you will receive an immediate email receipt acknowledgement.  For Entry Forms sent to us via courier, fax or mail, the receipt acknowledgement will be returned to you via email, fax or mail within 20 days of submission.

USA ENTRANTS ONLY   No later than 30 days after the Entry Deadline, we will send you a notification as to where to send either your program or the address of your on-line site. This notice will be sent to you by email, fax or mail.

The Regional award announcements will be made approximately 90 days after the regional entry deadline.  The International award announcements will be made approximately 120 days after the entry deadline.