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Step 1 - Entry Information
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This entry is number of a total of I am submitting in this competition.

Step 2 - Competition
I want to enter this international competition:
(Open to all Nations)
Spring Deadline: March 31
Fall Deadline: September 30
I am forwarding my entry from a Regional event into the International event. Yes
I want to enter this regional competition:
Region 1: South Central United States
Region 2: Central United States
Deadline, April 30
Region 3: Northeastern United States & Eastern Canada
Region 4: Northwestern United States & Western Canada
Region 5: Southeastern United States
Deadline, May 31
Region 6: Southwestern United States & Mexico
Region 7: North Central United States
Deadline, June 30

Region 8: Oceania
Region 9: Africa
Region 10: Central and South America
Region 11: Asia

Deadline, October 31

Region 12: Europe Deadline, November 30

Step 3 - Distribution Format

Check any that describe your entry.


Step 4 - Program Description
Production Company
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Step 5 - Program Objective
Limit it to a single phrase of 30 words or less . (If you are pasting text, remove all paragraph breaks and periods) For maximum point accumulation, state the objective as a short phrase and do so clearly and concisely. The objective should describe the precise effect the production is intended to have on the target audience.

Example #1 Explain the importance of safety when handling toxic chemicals in the workplace and reduce injuries

Example #2 Inform the audience about alternative online educational classes offered by the university to increase enrollment

Step 6 - Target Audience
Limit it to a single phrase of 15 words or less. (If you are pasting text, remove all paragraph breaks and periods) For maximum point accumulation, identify the primary audience and any secondary audience as a short phrase and do so clearly and concisely. Be very specific.

Example #1 Employees handling toxic chemicals, on-site vendors or plant visitors

Example #2 High school juniors and seniors preparing for college, returning veterans

Step 7 - Distribution
Please check the appropriate box(es) below, if you are seeking distributorship for this entry.

International     Domestic

Step 8 - Award Inscription

If your entry wins an award, a plaque or certificate will be presented.:
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Step 9 - Discounts

Non-members may submit at the discount member rate by completing an IAAVC membership form and including the annual membership fee with the entry payment.

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Check here if your entry is a student presentation
See our GUIDELINES page for eligibility.

U.S. Entries Only.Check here if you would like your presentation returned.
A $15.00 fee will be added to your total entry fee. Remember, do not send us your program submission until we request it.

International Entries only. Send us a completed prepaid air bill later, along with your submission.

Step 10 - NARAS and PMA Members
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Step 11 - Entry Fees
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