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The CINDYs’  Support of NARAS’ MusiCares Program




Taking a cue from the never-ending news cycle, we’ve has been busy generating news, too. We announced last issue that we were the proud sponsors of the CINDY Award for Best Use of Production Music at the 2014 CINDY Awards. Now we have some details so you can decide if you want to enter your program or that of one of your clients.

The CINDY Awards, from Cinema in Industry, are open to the creators and clients producing the world’s most effective linear and interactive media. Thousands of producers have received a CINDY award since the very first one was awarded in 1959. All of CINDY entries, in all categories and media formats, are automatically eligible to win this new award beginning this year with the 2014 Fall International Event. Websites, on-line videos, webinars, apps, podcasts and other new media along with traditional broadcast and non-broadcast film, audio and video productions are eligible. Entry information is available at

To encourage members of the Production Music Association or the Recording Academy to enter their or their clients’ work, The CINDY Awards will donate 10 percent of their on-line entry fees to the Recording Academy’s MusiCares Foundation. For those of you not familiar with MusiCares, their mission is to ensure that music people have a place to turn in times of financial, medical, or personal crisis. Its primary purpose is to focus the attention and resources of the music industry on human services issues that directly impact the health and welfare of music people.

Over the years, the music industry has evolved into an amazing worldwide network of individuals and multinational conglomerates grossing more than $50 billion a year. Yet, disturbingly, the very people whose creativity and ingenuity fuel this industry have few places to turn in troubled times. The tragic health and financial hardships faced by too many members of our musical family prompted the Grammy folks to establish the MusiCares Foundation more than 20 years ago. The CINDY Awards are honored to be part of the solution with financial help to the organization.

In addition to the CINDY Award entry fee, we’re also is donating 10 percent of the revenue from its upcoming Stock Music and Sound Guide advertising to MusiCares, matched by personal contributions from the staff. We hope that all NARAS and PMA members who will take advantage of this opportunity to support the people who make the music that makes the media you make even more entertaining.

Marita Malinski
The CINDY Awards