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As a communications professional, you are continually seeking to expand your resources and enhance your opportunities.  To do this, you must make contact with others in your field.  Do it through IAAVC.

Keep In Touch With All Types Of Media Through IAAVC

IAAVC exists for professionals like you—those involved in the creation of quality presentations for DVD’s, websites, mobile apps and other media formats with applications in business, industry, education, government and entertainment.  That includes everyone from project concept through distribution.  Writers, talent, designers, cinematographers/videographers, programmers, editors, distributors—all are welcome in IAAVC.

Originally founded in 1957 as the Information Film Producers of America (IFPA), we have changed with the technology.  Today, the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators acts as the voice of creative communications professionals in both linear and interactive media.

It is our purpose to help professional communicators keep abreast of rapidly changing technologies, thus enabling delivery of the most creative, cost-effective and state-of-the-art presentations for your audiences.  IAAVC provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information, benefiting everyone in the communications industry.

Complete Resources For Your Professional Growth

As an IAAVC member, you gain a competitive edge through access to member resources.

Opportunities for networking, to help you develop professional contacts

Referrals to members with specific areas of expertise

IAAVC Producer Forums, the nation’s top experts discussing various aspects of production

IAAVC-sponsored seminars at conferences

Free subscriptions to leading trade publications

Industry webinars and podcasts

Reduced entry fees for the CINDY Awards and VCDY Competition activities

Complimentary passes to many trade shows

Stand Up And Be Recognized Through IAAVC

Gain recognition from clients, employer and peers.  It starts with our awards programs:

CINDY Awards: (Cinema in Industry) Since 1959, 14 regional and international events have honored top presentations from all segments of the communications industries world-wide.

VCDY Competitions:  (Visual Communications Department of the Year)  Domestic USA in-house media production departments are honored for their effective management of personnel and resources.

CINDY Festivals Week

Twice each year, CINDY-winning productions from 2 International and 12 Regional events are honored with screenings and an awards ceremony.

Advocacy Positions

We are aware of our influence in the communications industry and we use it.  Whenever an issue arises that affects our members, IAAVC is there, protecting your rights.  We have the power to influence legislation, union negotiations, industry standards development and many other arenas in which your interests are at stake.

It’s All Yours When You Join

Don’t go without the competitive advantages of IAAVC any longer.  Complete the IAAVC Membership Application below and start receiving the benefits now.


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