2014 Best of Show Video Award

PBS Annual Affiliates Meeting video opener wins KQED-TV the CINDY 2014 Best of Show Video Award
The short video was designed to welcome attendees to the 2014 PBS Annual Affiliates Meeting in San Francisco.  It captured the theme of the conference:  embracing technology, innovation and re-invention, while maintaining public media’s core values in education and exploration. 
The video employed a light-hearted tone and a high-low production style. The audience was comprised of over a thousand station representatives from public television affiliates across the country — industry professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, including general managers, programming executives, marketing managers, fundraising staff and content producers.
As the first item of a three day conference, the video served as inspiration for the days ahead, and set the tone for fun, camaraderie and innovation.  Following the screening,  PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting executives’ review comments included “It is fabulous!”, “Clever, quirky, tongue in cheek”, “Absolutely brilliant!”, “Smart, funny – very PBS!”.
In 2014, over 7500 linear and interactive entries were submitted in nearly 100 subject matter categories and 17 formats.  CINDY Awards of Merit presented included Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention.  Six Special Awards were also presented including the John Cleese Comedy Award, the Robert Townsend Social Issues Award and the new Stock Production Music Use Award presented by Markee 2.0 magazine.
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